Monday, April 14, 2014

Almost done with this part -

This semester is coming to an end and not too soon for me - I have one last paper to write and then I am done - done - done - one class left this summer in the cities and then finished with the class work needed to get my sped license.  I am so sick of school and driving to Rochester and now I am sure I will be sick of driving to the cities after 7 weeks- but almost done is what I keep telling myself - 

Every paper I write I want to start it with the statement "I DON"T CARE ANYMORE."  but I rethink that and get it done anyway - so sick of school and not being home.  I ran into my friend son, she is also in school and we drive together most days, he is in 3rd grade and when I asked how he was he told me that his mom in school is very hard for him also....I guess I forget that it is not just me in this scenario this time - the family is suffering as I am - I am so busy and tired and fed up with busy work that I want to scream----2 years is a long time and thank heaven it is almost over - 

Now I just need to pass my content and pedagogy exams and student teach for 12 weeks - I can see the finish almost - just a bit hazy and on the horizon - thank heaven much longer and we all would lose it for sure. 
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