Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Van is Back - Hopefully for a few more years.

I decided to get a second opinion on the vans transmission.  I drive by the Tranny Shop all the time and never really looked.  I noticed they fix, replace, and rebuilt all domestic tranny's so I called and took the van in.  They said it had a 1811 code which means transmission is toast....except in the case of GMC transmissions.  That code means that the sensor is over active and needs to be replaced.  318 dollars is what the sensor replacement cost and the van drove on the freeway and then on the road without any problems.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!  I have been praying and feeling like no answer and then I realized I look at the Tranny shop all the time and finally read the sign yesterday.....maybe I'm not listening....Huhhhhhhhh?
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