Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NERF Fire Vision - Buzzagent - the kids love it.

 Cenny and JT with the new Nerf Fire Vision Football that just came in the mail.
 I put the visor over the camera so you could get an idea of what it looks like to the person wearing the visor.

 The visor worn by JT...spooky!
 Cenny with the red visor. See the ball is normal looking without the visor on.
 The price of the ball with the two visors is about 19.99 in most stores.  I think this item would make a great birthday gift for a 6-19 year old.  Anyone who likes to toss the football around and now even in the dark.
We received this from Buzzagent free of charge for our opinion of this product.
Well the minute the box arrived the kids opened it and 
put on the visors to see the ball glow(reflect).  When it got darker outside they wore the 
visors and tossed the ball around.  They enjoyed it and made all of us come out and try it.  JT took it camping with a friend of his and they tossed it around in the dark and thought it was a great item to play with and in the dark they could see the ball but not many other people could.
This is a fun item for night play and day for that matter, but night play adds another dimension to the fun and the kids liked wearing the visors.  All their friends are jealous.

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