Friday, September 14, 2012

Burger Sauce and coupons

Gunnar came home from work and told me that the burger sauce in the front counted in the Kraft Catalina coupon deal, so he bought 10 for 5.00 and got a coupon for 10 dollars off your next shopping trip.  Well we each did this a few times that night and took a 125 bottles of the stuff to the Salvation Army food shelf the next day.  The next day Gunnar, Qatar and Zeke cleared out the rest of the bottles on sale at the front of the store and came out with 100 bottles of Propel, 25 bottles of Gator Ade, 4 packs of Oreos, 4 packs of Sweet potato fries,  gallon of milk, case of water, lots of gum and mints, beef sticks, pizza, cookies, and some other items.  We have about another 60 bottles of the stuff and have given them to everyone we know.  I love getting free food.  The initial investment was 15 dollars, sometimes they used the whole thing and I wanted two going at a time.  I made a mistake once and only got 9 bottles giving me only a 5 dollar coupon.  I made my money back in milk and fries.  Good times....reminds me of cereal days.
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