Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are broke so off to work we go!!!

The new substitute system is not a favorite of the staff at Austin Public School, but it is easier to say 'No' to.

We used to get a call in the early AM from Jane, I miss her by the way, then she retired and they hired an on-line system.  It works OK but with no flexibility that stinks.  I check on-line whenever I am on the computer and check for available jobs.  There are not many it seems and yet I'm working as much if not more then last year.  It must be working even though I hate the fact that it is a free for all now and the personality is gone from having Jane pick and choose subs for different jobs.  Here is the link to the site if interested.  I'm working at the HS today as  Health sub...hopefully it will be a great day.
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