Saturday, December 17, 2011

JT and the car

JT has this little pull back car that when you run its wheels backwards it will take off on its own for a few feet.  He had been playing with it everywhere for a few days.  He wanted my attention the other day and I was on the phone so he kept pulling the car back and holding it while it went ruuuuummmm ruuuummm and then because I kept telling him to wait he pulled it back and stuck it on my head.....YES you guessed it the car and a huge hunk of my hair are now in the garbage.
That car sucked my hair in so quick and I could only get some of it out.  I'm glad to have curly hair, it makes it easier to hide the nice blunt cut piece that sticks out otherwise.   Sometimes I wonder why I had kids in the first place.
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