Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Qatar's Graduation Party

He made sure to make his blanket a wall of its own with photos of him and it - even a newborn shot with the blanket at the side.  Kristi made the blanket for him long ago.  He wore his Southern Virginia University t-shirt since that is currently the college of choice when he gets back in 2016

We served ice cream and root beer floats - if I do it again I will serve ice cream and no candy for the top just the traditional toppings cherries and whip cream.  Candy toppings everywhere- crushed Oreos a bad idea.

We set up only 4 tables and then a few chairs around the TV with the Austainaire Show playing and then a screen and projector with the photo video I made.  People come and go so more tables would be a waste.  We had no problem seating everyone that wanted a seat.

T-shirts hung with photos of him wearing them for the different events hung on the wall cork.
Loads of photos everywhere of him at every age - about 500 photos were printed for the party - most on boards and many on the table.

2 tables for awards and items he wanted to display here is 1 of them

21 balloons - loads of guests there to see him and talk about his mission, I was ill and had lost my voice so I whispered to everyone about what they wanted to know about the mission and things that that will entail.  Tons of interest in the mission - at graduation they announce where the students will be going after HS and Qatars only stated a mission trip- a bit bigger then that since it will be 2 years.

Good friends to say good bye too.

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