Saturday, June 14, 2014

MTLE continued - Special Education Content Exams Sub test 1 and 2

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I ordered the study guide from the Pearson site and at first I was not happy about what I got since most of it was free on their website, but it had one 50 question practice test and I found that to be very helpful and after taking the test to be almost identical to the types of questions that the test had.  I would not suggest the practice tests that are also available for purchase as everyone that I have talked to who bought those said that the test was nothing like the practice tests.

I took the test and really paid attention to the reason why the answer was correct and what objectives from the test I understood and which I did not so I could study those things.  I googled the objectives and looked at pages and pages of information about special education - I made note cards and went over them quite a bit - but I have to say that the practice test was the most helpful.

Questions will ask what should be done 1st in a certain situation - I can tell you that students in transition those above 8th grade need that wants and needs taken into consideration 1st always.  

Know IDEA or at least quite a bit about the 2004 part.  A few early childhood questions and I was not sure about those since I am a k-12 license.

Good luck and take a deep breath you can do it!!!!

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