Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Minnesota Teachers License Exam experience - MTLE Basic Tests

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This is for anyone who still needs to take the MTLE tests to become a licensed teacher in Minnesota.

Basic tests - math, reading, and writing - I took up to the time they allowed us on all of these tests.  I passed all 3 but my score on the writing test was the lowest of the 3.  I ran out of time mid paragraph on my last essay.  You need a 240 on each exam to pass that portion.

My advice - 
Math is tough - study Khans academy - go to IXL and look over topics in Algebra and Geometry - study for this test if you are not 100 percent confident in you math abilities - this test is nothing like the California or other states basic tests this one is tough - basic for college algebra students maybe.

Reading - just read the questions 1st and then read the passage by skimming or you will run out of time - this test is fast and you will not make it to the end if you read every word in the passages.

Writing - go through the questions quickly so you have time to do the essay writing at the end of the test - write a quick outline and then write fast - keep the outline at the top so that they can see what you were going for if you run out of time,

I will post again about the pedagogy and the special education content tests.
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