Friday, October 19, 2012

Work and School...I'm not sure how well they mesh for me yet.

I was asked to sub for a teacher at the middle school for this next week and then they will keep me informed from week to week if I am needed or not(health issues not sure what they are.)  They are cancelling my scheduled jobs this week...I only had one.  I worry about getting my homework and assignments done with working everyday.  I have to admit that I only schedule two to three days a week I can work so I have plenty of time to read and study.  I attend class with lots of full-time employed people...I am amazed that they can work full-time and handle to the work load.  I need to work double hard because I want straight A's like David when he finished his Master's.

This weekend I will study for my math test on Thursday and do my homework due that same day.  I finished they draft copy of my research paper and just sent it to the writing tutor to take apart.  She is great, but brutal at the same time.  But without her assistance I doubt I would get a passing grade let alone an A.

I usually take Thursday off and work all day on math material so it is fresh for the test each week, but last night I thought maybe I would change that to Wednesday so I didn't have so much math in one day.  Studying all day and then attending class for 4 hours is difficult.  My mind kind of feels numb after an hour in class.

Well I guess this will let me know if I can handle working more.  I also got a I make 110.25 a day subbing.  Not great, but not bad either.  I need to save for Christmas and our Chile trip in two years.  I spent most of the money I earned last year on Gunnar and Gunnar related expenses...but no debt for his first year of college and mission prep...lots of debt for my year of college....but I have a plan for loan forgiveness.  There are many great programs for Sped teachers, to help pay for school after you teach for 5 years.
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