Monday, October 8, 2012

Gunnar is off .....

 He used the bags we took to Iceland so hopefully they will make it there and back.  I don't think he will regret having less to carry on transfers and things.  Those bags are easy to pull or carry...not too heavy and with all the transfers on buses this should be easier for him then taking lots and lots of extra stuff not on the list.
 He may not look like he has enough luggage,but we got everything on the list plus.  He has two suits not just one, plus 5 pairs of pants and all the shirts he is suppose to have thanks to Doug.  He has 6 t-shirts for p-days, jeans and dickies, he has two pairs of dress shoes and tennis shoes for pday.  Temple clothes, books, scriptures, photo album, notebooks, pens, pills for everything David could think of he might need them...fiber, anti-diarrhea, pain, vomiting, etc.  His backpack was almost empty.  But if the list is wrong then I wont be happy, but as long as we realize that before he leaves for Chile then that's not such a bad thing.  He only needed two flat sheets and no blankets or pillows,  he didn't need a coat, except we got him a black fleece, gloves, hat and scarf for Provo until December.  He is to buy a sweater in the field along with a blanket if he feels he needs one.  No boots needed either.
 60 bucks for luggage...yuck!
 David is our packing expert in residence...he seems to get everything in with room to spare.
 Can I just go?  Its been over 6 months of waiting time.
 Good-bye for two does anyone say that?

Off he goes.......into the wild blue yonder.
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