Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cross Country Cold

 Zeke enjoys running on the HS team and the friends he has made.  He is close with many of them.  The captain is always offering to drop him off or pick him up...a bit strange she is a senior for heaven sake.  Zeke says they are only friends so I guess she is just saving me time.
 Qatar calls Moose a chick magnet, but at the meet only dudes were kneeing down to pet him.  One boy ran by and yelled "Moose."
 Moose got cold and started to shiver so David wrapped him up in his coat and kept them both warm.

 They look cold without much on when it was so cold.  My toes were frozen when I got home.
 This is Zeke on his second lap. he was getting tired.  3.1 miles ran in 20:30  His personal best record.

He is done and feeling good and yet sick at the same time.  I'm glad I don't run.
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