Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Elder is so simple and easy to use and best of all FREE

Give it a try you will be surprised how easy it is and he gets the letters the same day you send them.  He did say in his letter that he loves all the letters and doesn't want them to end.  They are also free to send to Chile since they just email them to the office and print them off for the elders when they see them.  Great deal for us and for him.  See post below for all the info on how to use this great free service.

We just sent a book from Amazon to him with an electric razor and three blinking lights to place on his backpack when he is walking in the dark so others see him and don't hit him.  We have one on Parkers collar since we lose him in the dark.

Use Dear Elder you will be glad you did and so will Gunnar.
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