Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm at 29 books read for the year so far.....

I would list them but that would take awhile.  We are taking our read books to work(David that is) and offering them on the board for free.  Lots of interest in the new books.  Many we read are not even available in the store for a month or more.  I've read several great books and few really bad books....that is the problem with reviewing lots of self-published works.  One I did enjoy was Drowned in the GrenadineDrowned in the Grenadine  that is a funny story about an actor trying to make it in Hollywood and discovering what is most important.  We all drown in things that are too good to be true and chase those things until they kill us.  Very true.

Cedardale Court was an interesting mystery self-published.  Cedardale Court   Pretty good, I didn't want to put it down.  For published works I loved Outside the Lines.  Outside the Lines and Downfall Downfall.  Running this blog has given me the chance to really read things I never would otherwise.  My reading speed has increased and my vocabulary.  Its like a part-time job without the benefit of pay....oh well...a fun hobby while it lasts.
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