Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day and I don't know many answers these days.

Happy Valentines Day...I took a big pack of Lofthouse cookies that David bought for me into work this morning to share.  Love to you all ;>)

Tax Questions- I get a many and I have to say I really don't know the answer to most.  I didn't take the update class this year and I forget fast....trust me....crazy fast....I think that irs.gov is your best bet....they have a search area that will give you tons of responses and so just look around for your answer.  I wish I knew more....but oh well I don't.  I've made more money so far this month just subbing then I did last year working the whole month waiting for clients...full-time is good for the wallet bad for the messy house....three days away didn't help ither.  Thanks
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