Friday, June 19, 2009


We flew home yesterday and the weather was wonderful when we left. We had hot dogs the best in the world(plysner) for lunch and then toured around Hafnarfjordur and saw a lovely garden planted on a lava field. We toured a museum on the settlement of the area and of a prominent early family there. The airport was busy and we did a bit more shopping, love the food and drinks in Iceland. The seats by the window for both our rows were empty so we had extra room on the way home. The sky was clear and we watched the landscape below us seeing Iceland disappear and then Greenland and Canada. Back in MN the weather was bad, but the clouds were incredible. We circled for an hour and David was getting ill. Landing we made our way through customs, which is not pleasant, and then to the van only to get a flat tire right outside of Lakeville. We made it home at about 9pm to see some of the damage from the tornado. Yea the sun went down.
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