Sunday, April 21, 2013

Well Cenneidigh was weighing herself on my scale, fully dressed with shoes she weighs 119 lbs now and is about 5'7"
I jumped on and Cenneidigh screamed...I was fully dressed with shoes and weighed 121 lbs...but I am only almost 5'5"....she now wants me to gain 100 lbs...but I told her I cant right now because of the cruise we are planning in January..the 100 lbs will have to wait.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Old West Murder Mystery Party -

 We had a blast last night participating in the murder mystery.  Davids work group put it on at the country club and the food was top notch.  I was a saloon girl trying to make money by dancing with men at the poker tournament....everyone laughed when I asked them to pay me for a dance so I started to sell secrets and then my drink tickets...I made about 4000 dollars for the night.  I came in second in that area....but I won for best character - meaning I stayed in character and played the game....I still had no idea who dunnit? But I won a Ham...mummmm my favorite...not.   But it was the best party I have been too yet for Hormel.  I rented my costume from Dillon, who just opened a store at the mall, so I made sure to plug it every time someone commented on the outfit.  Zeke works for Dillon dressing up like characters for parties-birthday and things like that.  Enchantertainment is the name of the store I think.  David played the outlaw Jesse Wales...he was dangerous..very!!!  Fishnet tights are itchy...very itchy.

 So fun and then I edited these photos with some fun items.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Busy life and Mommy Strike Update

I have a class at Ellis that I am teaching until the end of the year now.  8 weeks to go.  I have a student who knows Zeke and they must talk every once in awhile student told me about the strike and that Zeke figured out a way to get me to do stuff I wasn't going to do while on dumb are my children some days.  I knew what I was doing when I did anything at the house...I was hoping to encourage better work together feelings with my children when I helped with dinner....I was not being tricked.  My student also told me something Zeke told him not to tell me because Zeke had been annoying that day....funny kids....I have to say.

I am doing more, but so are all of them.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy Strike Update and maybe an extension

OK Zeke hates it, he tells me all the time he didn't mean it and it was only one thing he said and he wants me to buy him some food.  Qatar is OK with it so far, JT is worried it will affect his birthday in someway and Cenny is too busy to really notice and as long as there is microwave popcorn available may never notice.

I am negotiating for better working conditions and have some terms I want met  or I will be extending the strike.  I have been asked to long-term sub at Ellis for a teacher I worked for earlier.  The job will be for the rest of the school year, about 8 or so weeks.  So with that in mind I am going to draft new working conditions I am comfortable with to end the strike or at least end this portion of it.  Both parties must agree, but I think my terms are fair. 

1.  Watch what you one cares to know everything you think..unless you would want someone to say it to you...keep it too yourself.
2.  Everyone will make dinner once a week...choose the dish and put the needed ingredients on the shopping list before the week you are making it.  You are responsible for that nights dinner.
3.  Jobs will be done every night and checked on and if not done they will be done twice the next day...once before school or in the morning and then again in the evening or afternoon.
4.  We are a team in this house and will work as one and support each other...I want the words stupid, dummy, idiot and many others they are aware of to stop.
5.  The number one rule of the hours is to keep their dear MOMMY happy...because if I'm not happy aint no on happy.

  I am looking for a fair contract between me and the rest of the family.  Fair working conditions should be a right not a privilege for the hard working mothers of this country.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mommy Strike Update

OK I am on my way to class in a few minutes and David is not enabling anyone tonight...he is letting them forage in the cupboards for dinner....soup, chili, etc.  I am not putting a dish in the dishwasher and Qatar is doing his laundry as we speak....I am off the clock.  Of course I just got a call that they may be putting me on a long-term sub for the rest of the this Strike may not see an end anytime soon.  That is a good thing for this crew they are way to dependent on me and my ways of making sure everything gets done, everyone gets where they need to be, everyone eats something healthy....oh well they are young and will survive with all the canned goods, packaged and processed food in the house...but oh no we are out of chips already...the horror...the drama...the fat not missed.  Wish the kids luck or not...because there can be only one victor and it will be the Mommy this time.