Saturday, April 13, 2013

Old West Murder Mystery Party -

 We had a blast last night participating in the murder mystery.  Davids work group put it on at the country club and the food was top notch.  I was a saloon girl trying to make money by dancing with men at the poker tournament....everyone laughed when I asked them to pay me for a dance so I started to sell secrets and then my drink tickets...I made about 4000 dollars for the night.  I came in second in that area....but I won for best character - meaning I stayed in character and played the game....I still had no idea who dunnit? But I won a Ham...mummmm my favorite...not.   But it was the best party I have been too yet for Hormel.  I rented my costume from Dillon, who just opened a store at the mall, so I made sure to plug it every time someone commented on the outfit.  Zeke works for Dillon dressing up like characters for parties-birthday and things like that.  Enchantertainment is the name of the store I think.  David played the outlaw Jesse Wales...he was dangerous..very!!!  Fishnet tights are itchy...very itchy.

 So fun and then I edited these photos with some fun items.

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