Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy Strike Update and maybe an extension

OK Zeke hates it, he tells me all the time he didn't mean it and it was only one thing he said and he wants me to buy him some food.  Qatar is OK with it so far, JT is worried it will affect his birthday in someway and Cenny is too busy to really notice and as long as there is microwave popcorn available may never notice.

I am negotiating for better working conditions and have some terms I want met  or I will be extending the strike.  I have been asked to long-term sub at Ellis for a teacher I worked for earlier.  The job will be for the rest of the school year, about 8 or so weeks.  So with that in mind I am going to draft new working conditions I am comfortable with to end the strike or at least end this portion of it.  Both parties must agree, but I think my terms are fair. 

1.  Watch what you one cares to know everything you think..unless you would want someone to say it to you...keep it too yourself.
2.  Everyone will make dinner once a week...choose the dish and put the needed ingredients on the shopping list before the week you are making it.  You are responsible for that nights dinner.
3.  Jobs will be done every night and checked on and if not done they will be done twice the next day...once before school or in the morning and then again in the evening or afternoon.
4.  We are a team in this house and will work as one and support each other...I want the words stupid, dummy, idiot and many others they are aware of to stop.
5.  The number one rule of the hours is to keep their dear MOMMY happy...because if I'm not happy aint no on happy.

  I am looking for a fair contract between me and the rest of the family.  Fair working conditions should be a right not a privilege for the hard working mothers of this country.
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