Monday, July 22, 2013

Job interview stress

I talked to Paige and Amanda about job interview skills and then tried to prepare for the questions(I didn't know the questions ahead of time...just had to guess.)  It was tough.  The four member panel had 4 pages of back to back questions which they asked and then wrote down my answers.  I feel I did OK, but who knows I guess it depends on the other applicants and their experience, I did have to say that I did not have any experience with some of the items they asked me.  I seemed to go blank at times and was glad for the answers I had prepared to fall back on.  I did ask two questions about the position at the end that I thought showed some thought,,,only because I had planned those two and others ahead of time...but they all but those two dropped out of my head.  I just really stressed my passion for sped and my desire to work in the field and how I had taken time to figure out what I wanted to do and the working with sped students was it.  I forgot the fact that I could walk to work and that was the best thing ever.  They said they hoped to let all the applicants know by the end of the week......well I would love the job, but I will be fine if I don't get more year of subbing will give me more time to study and work on my remaining service hours.  Life was good two weeks ago before I knew about this job so it will be fine again if I don't get the job.  It would be great experience for me and also allow me to use my SW license.

Cross your fingers that what is meant to be will be....I can't see around my next turn, but Heavenly Father can so I prayed that the best thing for me and my family would happen it relation to this position and also that I would relax enough not to shake like a leaf the whole interview.
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