Thursday, July 25, 2013

Didn't Get the Job....Oh Well....

I got the call and they said thanks...but no thanks.  Well it was more like, "We had other more qualified applicants and thank you for your interest.  We thought your interview was strong, but the experience of the other candidates could not be over looked.  We look forward to seeing you back and will keep you in mind for Long-term sub offers in the future...please contact me if you need hours for your degree.  Thank you."

Oh well I guess it was good experience to interview since I haven't done that in over 18 recent jobs have just landed in my laps so I guess I was due for the experience and the stress over it.  I was glad for the advice on interviews and how to prepare.  One more year of subbing and then ...we shall see.  My load this year is more then last year so I guess working full-time is not really an option if I want to do well...just sad I always saw this job as one of those dream jobs....but I find teaching that way also so here is to my last year of school!!!!   Cheers!!!!
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