Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July Fun!

Zeke marched in the parade on the 4th here in Austin and then again in Blooming Prairie.  I held water and felt worthless most of the parade only having 2 kids wanting to get a drink.  The picnic was fun and then off to the concert and the fireworks.  We were home late and everyone was still asleep the next day after 8AM, except David who had to go to work.
Davids parents came for the holiday and appts at Mayo.  On Sunday I was asked for sharp scissors to cut something.  David's dad pointed to his collar and lifted it so I asked if I was to cut his tie...well without hearing aids in yet he nodded so I cut the tie off.....big smile and laugh since I guess I was suppose to cut the little loop on the collar and not the tie.   Oh well I did double check......

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