Sunday, November 4, 2012


When I started this 3 week job I was stepping in for a new teacher that is pregnant and having issues.  She has been at school very little this last month and they have had subs most days now....well the place was a zoo.  Piles of papers, piles of things I still am going through.  Kids that were out of control from all the lack of consistency.  Well I tried a classroom management tool that another teacher I worked with used.  It is exhausting at times, but many of the students are responding positively and we are working on the rest.  Its called Whole Brain Teaching and everyday we go over the 5 rules.  Each student know them and when they use them they get a point and when they don't they get a minus point.  Free-time if they have points and class going on if they don't.  Most classes have earned freetime everyday at the toon of about 4 minutes.  So still lots of lost points since a point is a minute.  Watch the video it isn't long, but interesting.  We use teach as a student coming to the front of the room since there are only 8-12 kids in a class at a time.  I'm in a SPED class this three weeks.

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