Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Week

Working full-time and going to school full-time are not working well for me.
I have no time to breathe or eat or do anything.  This week I had class Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,
I got home from work after 4 and I left for school at 4:30.  Tuesday a replay of Monday and then Wednesday I studied math while the kids tricker treated and I handed out candy.  I shut off the lights and sat in the dark with a small light on my book so I could stop with the handing out of candy.  Thursday a replay of Monday again.

One more week at this job and then back to working 2 times a week at most until the end of the semester...then back at the next semester.  I am cutting from 4 classes to 3 next time.  I need time to spend with the kiddos and I am exhausted and feel quite sick today...I know it is just built up stress and not sleeping much hitting me.  I get home from class at about 10:45 PM and then up for work at 6AM...I need more sleep than that.
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