Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gunnar is back to school

We dropped Gunnar off yesterday at the MSP airport, he is back to Provo and happy to be.  I find living without a schedule for too long difficult so I'm sure he's happy to be back to school.  Randy thanks for picking him up and dropping him off...I'm glad he is getting the hang of the bus and the light rail that will help on his mission.   He can do it, don't let him talk you into driving him further than necessary, I don't know about your kids...but mine are as lazy as I let them be.

We had a good visit and this summer will be fun....but with lots more rules.  JT went with us to pick him up and drop him off, he finishes school earlier than the rest and so he gets to go along.  I will hopefully post photos from Christmas soon. (He is wearing his new suit, its a bit big they didn't have his size. Long story)
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