Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enjoy the time.......I hate this......

When you are in the midst of things it is hard to enjoy them.  You are busy living the experience and only after do you really appreciate what you did.  Think about college...I had a great time...the time of my life when I look back at it....and yet would I want to go back to eating Ramen and pbj's on a regular basis?  Staying up all night cramming for a test?  Having roommates that don't care about my privacy or my clothes?  Well I wouldn't and yet I always look back fondly at that time.

I think that is what older mothers are talking about when they see you in a shop and tell a young mom to enjoy every moment because it will be over so soon.   Well for some of us not soon enough.  I look back at my baby years and I loved them, the coos and the right after a bath cuddles, nursing at 3 AM in a quiet still house.  I loved all those moments looking back, but when I really think about it ....I never would ever do it again....there is not enough money in the world for me to go back to those insane days of sleep deprivation and eating only cold food. No way......So please stop telling me to enjoy is such a short time...thank heaven for that.   Any longer and any mother would take her own life.

Looking back at what we have done colors those events in a more pleasant color and tone....we forget the unpleasant aspects of what we did awhile ago.  Think about how when something happens that seems like a tragedy, that in a few years it becomes funny to remember..'tragedy plus time equals comedy'.  

This summer David and the boys went to climb Mt Timp and I was cheering them on saying how much fun I had when I climbed and everyone should do it at least once.  Well the truth is...when I really look back....that I fell five feet on to a ledge and my knee swelled up like a soft-ball, the glacier made it possible for me to get down because it iced all of my bruises and made it possible to walk back down.  Once down my body swelled and I could hardly move for a week...not to mention my sunburned nose that peeled a week later.  It was a good experience looking back...but at the time it was anything but.

I believe that is what makes life possible to live...if we remembered all the bad times we would never do anything....including having that second child.  Just my thoughts.
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