Monday, August 31, 2009

The Fair

Lots of fun. The talent show went well, Gunnar played the piano and sung and for the first time was nervous.(I think because I noticed and I haven't before.) Zeke played the piano and they both did great. No awards this year, but that is OKAY. Maybe next year.

Can you guess the owner of the feet?

Cenneidigh is growing fast and I finally found the cord to connect the camera to the computer, so here are our feet. Pretty darn close, wouldn't you say? Yes, mine are the fat ones.

Happy Birthday Gunnar

Sweet 16, but he's a teenager. Those two things don't go together. HAHA. We love you sweetheart and looking forward to all the wonderful things you do in the future. How many more inches til your done growing?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gunnar is 16. WOW or Scary, you decide.

Gunnar is 16. We love you sweetheart. Happy Birthday, now when are you going to get your drivers license?

Friday, August 28, 2009


Cenneidigh and I have the same size feet now. Hers are much more narrow and bony, but the right length. I wondered if feet were like paws, but I read that we do not necessarily grow into our feet, some of us just have large feet. I took a photo, but now I need to find my card reader. The kids cleaned up on Saturday and I cannot tell you how many things I'm missing now. Our feet use to look like this, but not anymore. Kids grow up to darn fast.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo books

I've been working on photo books for Christmas gifts. Shutterfly has a free book and free shipping right now so it's a deal. I even ordered a few other photo gifts. Here are some of my favorite trip photos this summer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 40th David

Our First Date!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. I can't believe I'm old enough to be married to a 40 year old. Vanessa was telling me that 40 is the new 50, so I guess your right up there with Bonnie. 40 year old and we've been married for almost 19 years, WOW. Thanks for sticking around. I love you!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ez meals

Another praise for the EZ mealz. The kids are eating more fruit and vegs then ever. Every meal has a vegetable dish, or salad, and then most of them have fruit for dessert. They had celery, and cucumber cut up and I couldn't believe they had eaten them all I figured they would be saved for the salad the next day, but no they even asked for more. Weirdos!!! When winter comes it will be interesting to see if that changes, but everyone seems to be enjoying the variety and I enjoy the no-thinking about what the heck to serve for dinner yet again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

14 Great things about living in Austin

1. It cheap. We spent two days at the county fair and with the library reading coupons we all spent less then$20 for junky food and games. Houses are a great price and even with the increase in property taxes this year, we are still well under most other places in the country.

2. Nothing is very far away. I complain about how far the grocery store is all the time.,it takes about 7 minutes to get there.
3. My kids can play outside and sometimes(most of the time) I really don't know where they are, except they are in some other kids backyard or house(as long as there is an adult there.) of course that means that everyday I have a house full of kids I don't always recognize.
4. Everyone knows your name. Scary sometimes, good others. The librarians even order or buy books for you if you request them. Hyvee is not someplace you want to go unless you look good. Everyone you know seems to always be there.
5. Walking the dog is easy, no traffic, (there never is except at noon when everyone is coming home for lunch.) Walking to school and to all the concerts and plays.
6. Hormel share holder meting in January. What other fortune 500 company can you walk to their shareholders meeting and come home with enough coupons for a months of Sundays.
7. Fund raisers here can involve a goat.(for real)
8. The 4th of July by far.
9. Nieces and nephews who think you can do no wrong living close.
10. Driving five kids five different places in less then fifteen minutes due to the close proximity of everything.
11. Walking every where you need to go without breaking a sweat, or being late for anything.
12. The music and art programs at the schools and in the community.
13. Family and friends always and around, happy phone calls, babies to hold and finger guns to point during Sacrament meeting.
14. The nursery at church where most of the kids are related to me. What could be better then 2 hours a week hanging out with my favorite people. Peter, Jaxson. Finnegan and Abby telling me she wishes I was still in Primary and could hold her during sharing time.
If you need a place to live, think Austin. We also need plumbers. Every time I call one they can't make it for at least three days. They always patch up the emergency calls, but then schedule a return visit to finish the work.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Strage phone call yesterday

A women from Atlanta called to ask me a few personal questions yesterday morning. She had all of my personal information in regards to my address, phone number, birth date, marriage status, employment status and maybe more she didn't mention. My personal information had been subpoenaed by their attorney from my email account and other areas. My email had sent inappropriate information to her husbands email account at work and he had lost his job.

I had noticed a few months or more back that I was getting mail returned that I had never sent. I always receive lots of mail that I dump immediately and so I turned up my SPAM filter and more started going there. A few bank accounts have told me I have had unauthorized activity, but I dumped those without reading, knowing I did not have accounts at those banks. This guy said he had his social security number stolen and he had new accounts at all these banks he did not set up and the email used was mine.

This couple has spent over $50,000 in legal fees and is now being sued by a Lisa Peters in Atlanta for defamation of character for $75,000. They accused her of being the one tampering with his computer when he lost his job, she worked with him for several years and is a computer expert.

Now this has got me worried. What do you think?

I had a credit card I closed a few years back reopened and issued to another person who charged over $10,000 in one weekend before they called me to verify. That took a year to work through, but I owed nothing in the end. I think I will buy Identity Theft Insurance now. The cyber world is scary some days.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Riding in the park

A ride in the park with the youngest. We rode around the Mill pond and saw a few ducks resting on a log in the water, it was a beautiful day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swimming lessons

Learning to dive. Cenny, Zeke and JT had two sets of lessons this summer and all of them reached level 4. Zeke and JT mostly from there not being enough room in level 3, but Cenny actually got into level 4. She really swims like a fish. Zeke is a bit of a chicken and does great belly flops instead of dives. JT tries to talk his way out of doing much of anything in the water.

Monday, August 10, 2009

More fun to share.

Cenny at th OSU center in Newport.
Fun at the park with Cenny, Jt, and Tyler

More Wingers fun.

Starfish clinging at low tide. There skin was spiny and tough.

One of the monuments at Martin's Cove.

Wall Drug with Cenny and Zeke

Cenny and me on the boat in Depoe Bay.
Fish cleaning in Depoe Bay, you could go on a fishing trip on the same boats we took. Look at the seal waiting for the cast offs.
Martin's Cove, rover ride out to the monument.