Saturday, August 15, 2009

14 Great things about living in Austin

1. It cheap. We spent two days at the county fair and with the library reading coupons we all spent less then$20 for junky food and games. Houses are a great price and even with the increase in property taxes this year, we are still well under most other places in the country.

2. Nothing is very far away. I complain about how far the grocery store is all the time.,it takes about 7 minutes to get there.
3. My kids can play outside and sometimes(most of the time) I really don't know where they are, except they are in some other kids backyard or house(as long as there is an adult there.) of course that means that everyday I have a house full of kids I don't always recognize.
4. Everyone knows your name. Scary sometimes, good others. The librarians even order or buy books for you if you request them. Hyvee is not someplace you want to go unless you look good. Everyone you know seems to always be there.
5. Walking the dog is easy, no traffic, (there never is except at noon when everyone is coming home for lunch.) Walking to school and to all the concerts and plays.
6. Hormel share holder meting in January. What other fortune 500 company can you walk to their shareholders meeting and come home with enough coupons for a months of Sundays.
7. Fund raisers here can involve a goat.(for real)
8. The 4th of July by far.
9. Nieces and nephews who think you can do no wrong living close.
10. Driving five kids five different places in less then fifteen minutes due to the close proximity of everything.
11. Walking every where you need to go without breaking a sweat, or being late for anything.
12. The music and art programs at the schools and in the community.
13. Family and friends always and around, happy phone calls, babies to hold and finger guns to point during Sacrament meeting.
14. The nursery at church where most of the kids are related to me. What could be better then 2 hours a week hanging out with my favorite people. Peter, Jaxson. Finnegan and Abby telling me she wishes I was still in Primary and could hold her during sharing time.
If you need a place to live, think Austin. We also need plumbers. Every time I call one they can't make it for at least three days. They always patch up the emergency calls, but then schedule a return visit to finish the work.
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