Friday, August 7, 2009

Zeke, Cenny and JTs vacation, #2 for me(I'm done!)

Devils Tower in Wyoming

Bridal Veil falls in Oregon and the boat trip to watch whales and we saw two at least.

Devils Punch Bowl at medium tide and low tide.

Asphalt pie at Wingers with the family and Me holding the stranded starfish.

The Beach with the three kids and Wall Drug.

The Corn Palace with Cenny and the boys asleep in the long long long car trip home.

The three younger ones were feeling left out not going to Iceland so Amanda and I drove them out to see Great Grandma in Portland and the Bremners in Tooele Ut. We were in the car most of the time, but were able to see many parts of the country we would have missed had we flown instead.
4500 miles we all drove in Amanda's car.

We stopped in Michell at the Corn Palace, then to the Badlands, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore(in was raining.) Independence Rock, Matins Cove, then Tooele UT. We spent three day with the Bremners. Tyler was friendly, Lily was beautiful and Jacob was kind of stand-offish, but the first night Jake said he was scared so he climbed in with me and cuddled for the rest of the night. The next day he kept calling for Aunty Wisa. Krisit and Karl came Thursday and we saw everyone and had lunch at Wingers. Friday we went bowling with all the kids. Saturday we left early to drive to Portland getting there about 7pm. We went to Church with Heidi's family(my cousins). Dinner with Gonnie and her care taker.

Monday we left for the beach and WOW. We spent the night at my parents condo and saw at least one whale of the deck. The next day we went on a boat whale watching and the waves were intense. Zeke and JT were sure they would throw up, but they made it back without a problem. Tuesday we drove back and had dinner with Uncle Fred and his family. Starfish were abundant and we even found one washed up on the sand so we placed him back on a rock, he hooked right on tight. I stood inside Devils punch bowl during a low negitive tide and then we stood above later watching the water swirl roughly inside.

Wednesday we said goodbye and drove 14 hours to Billings MT. We stopped at the waterfalls near the Columbia River Gorge.

Thursday we drove to Devils Tower and then finally home. Almost a 30 hour drive home, but my bed was priceless.
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