Friday, August 14, 2009

Strage phone call yesterday

A women from Atlanta called to ask me a few personal questions yesterday morning. She had all of my personal information in regards to my address, phone number, birth date, marriage status, employment status and maybe more she didn't mention. My personal information had been subpoenaed by their attorney from my email account and other areas. My email had sent inappropriate information to her husbands email account at work and he had lost his job.

I had noticed a few months or more back that I was getting mail returned that I had never sent. I always receive lots of mail that I dump immediately and so I turned up my SPAM filter and more started going there. A few bank accounts have told me I have had unauthorized activity, but I dumped those without reading, knowing I did not have accounts at those banks. This guy said he had his social security number stolen and he had new accounts at all these banks he did not set up and the email used was mine.

This couple has spent over $50,000 in legal fees and is now being sued by a Lisa Peters in Atlanta for defamation of character for $75,000. They accused her of being the one tampering with his computer when he lost his job, she worked with him for several years and is a computer expert.

Now this has got me worried. What do you think?

I had a credit card I closed a few years back reopened and issued to another person who charged over $10,000 in one weekend before they called me to verify. That took a year to work through, but I owed nothing in the end. I think I will buy Identity Theft Insurance now. The cyber world is scary some days.
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