Sunday, March 8, 2015

ed TPA - Results - I got these a few months back and was busy working

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edTPA results - I passed with a 2.8 the minimum passing score - bummer - my video was the issue - it did not show the things it needed to show - I should have shot it again, but that group was volatile and one day I recorded a desk hitting the floor - a student swearing and talking off and other student literally climbing the walls - Looking back I should have picked another class to work with-

At the time I started the TPA I was working with 1 math class I taught with my coordinating teacher and 4 classes I team taught in and I thought it would be easier to film the smaller class - but that class had changes every week so my focus student needed to change -

So I learned that I need to be more flexible next time and use a more stable class - that is if I ever have to do this again - I hope that doesn't happen.

I am now employed at a high school as a full-time special education teacher with the 9th grade team - and at the interview - THIS WILL SHOCK YOU - no one person asked about my score on the edTPA - not one of them - so why do it?  

If you want to see my edTPA I will send it to you just email me and let me know which parts you would like to see - I scored 3's on everything except for 2 parts of the video rubric.

GOOD LUCK to you all - You will get thought this and teaching soon.....

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