Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

This year has been a busy one - it has been Qatar's year with graduation and a mission call -
lets start with January -

Lisa started back to school for her last academic semester- David and Lisa went on a cruise in mid-January - Kids stayed home in the nasty blizzards that came to be normal for last winter - Amanda broke her arm cross county skiing and it was bad....
  Waiting at the cruise ship terminal

 Cave tubing in Belize

 Beach in Hondurus

 Back in the US - Florida beach

Off to February with Zeke turning 15 and getting excited about learning to drive - and of course the worst winter in years and years - cold and snow everywhere.
March - the high school choir went to New Orleans and Lisa went as a chaperone with Qatar.

Raw oysters and crawfish - yummy!!!

April came with Qatar turning 18 and getting ready to put his mission papers in - also the Austinaire show-  Jt turned 12 and changed schools to Pacelli Catholic School - that has been different for all of us.  He loves it and that is all that matters

May came and the weather got better and prom this year was snowless.

June came with Qatar's mission call and graduation - 
Scottsdale AZ mission spanish speaking - leaving in September

Graduation party where he hugged his blanket on the wall  - off to AZ for the summer to work with Heidi's husband and to save for his mission clothes. Zeke was in a tornado at the college in Wisconsin where he attends band camp in the summer - the 2 tornados struck the college and they only had one day of camp - it was a bummer to have to come home - but not electricity and some buildings were destroyed.

July came and Lisa finished up all of tests for her teaching license - Cenneidigh turned 14

  a wedding of Cenneidigh's favorite missionary

Paige came to visit - Lisa and Megan went to see her in Kansas City - Yummy food everywhere

August came with the heat and the end of the summer issues - Lisa flew to AZ to spend time with Heidi and the kids and to go with Qatar to the temple - and Cenneidigh had surgery on her feet.
She spent the next 2 months in a wheelchair - 

September - School started and Qatar left for Mexico City to learn Spanish for his mission.
at the airport ready to leave
homecoming battle of the connects

Zeke got his first job - he is making coffee and sandwiches 

October came and school was busy and David left for Chile to pick up Gunnar from his mission in Antofagasta Chile

Gunnar is home at last

Lisa finished student teaching and started a long-term sub - David, Gunnar and Zeke all grew a beard.
December - Merry Christmas to you all and to a Happy 2015
Zeke played in almost every number in the HS Christmas concert (percussion, sang and piano )- that boy has got a gift - 
JT passed out at his concert from being sick and sitting  under the hot lights while singing- Cenneidigh played  flute and sang at the HS concert also- music everywhere in our home.

It has been quite a year and I am leaving out lots and lots and will hear about it later - 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year -
Love the Peters Family

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