Monday, February 10, 2014

Volunteering and service learning hours - Rock star teacher

I have been doing many service hours at a certain school and mostly in the same class (as much as I can get approved that is) - I love this class- they are so cute and I feel like a rock star every time I open the door - I come a few times a month to a few times a week depending on the assignments I need to complete and the hours I need to do.

One boy asked why I am not there every day so I told them I sub and he asked where and that day I was going to the HS the next day - so now he asks me how the HS is when I see him.  Today he asked why I can't just work in his class everyday -  I explained that I was a volunteer and not getting paid- he said "but at the HS you get paid?"  yes so he thought for a moment and said "oh so you can by food and stuff."  I said yes - he then thought and said.  "I do not think you need as much food as you think."

He really is working on me to just spend everyday in his class - I do really like those kids and the school in general - a very friendly group.  This class makes me rethink my whole "NO ELEMENTARY TEACHING IN MY FUTURE."
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