Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big THANK YOU to the folks-Vacations are a bit like subbing-

Here is a big yell out to my parents for watching the kiddos while we were gone for 10 days - this house is a bit crazy and they handled it even with all the issues during the week
Thanks Mom and Dad for the help we couldn't have done it without you!!!!!
Waiting to load the ship

Well 1st we needed to leave the schedule for the kiddos-(sub notes) mine are pretty easy- but before we get on the ship in Miami on Sunday we call and Cenneidigh is melting down about something and everything at the same time, well I try to talk her down but Cenneidigh is a teenage girl so that is a tough one.  Then without email or phone service for a week we came home to Amanda breaking her arm - JT going through a teenage drama (teachers and principle calling worried about him)-  a blizzard - bitter cold temps - and more homework than I wish to see in a month-  WOW I felt like I had been hit by a bomb Tuesday - I think I understand why everyone else in our group had no kids at home.

We had a fantastic time and will need to save more money and just take the kids with us next time - they will love it - all you can eat all the time and warmth - beautiful islands and beaches - whats not to love.

More to come as I catch up on life here in reality-
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