Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Did I forget and pray for patience again?

I promised never to do that again after the last time- I must have done it by accident a few months ago because whoa baby I am not having a good time right now.
Everyone and everything is difficult and time consuming and tiring.
Kids, David, School, Work, Fun-wait what fun was that again?  None thats right I forgot.
Life is happening and not the way I wish it would currently and for the last few months on top of it all.
Yelling I AM NOT YELLING!!!! STOP....I don't want to learn any new skills or virtues for awhile...maybe forever at this point.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am crazy---or just going that way faster every day

Off to school yesterday to do some testing on students before class in the evening.  Well Dad had surgery on his appendix..interrupted the day...oh to school after he gets out of surgery and driving fast to get there before it starts.   Home after 10:30 PM to walk into water pouring from the ceiling.  Bathroom issues again.....Called the plumber still not here...water stopped to bed about midnight and not a very good night sleep at all.  No shower available this morning and Zeke is yelling at me about it...I guess I can hose him off in the yard...Bad far..cross your fingers it gets better.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colds and Recovery

My mouth soon as I could almost fully smile again I was back in for the fruenectomy on Friday and even the doctor said.."This is going to hurt."  I guess my frunum is thick and was hard to cut though so I was to take my medication (pain killers) since the I was told the bottle had a refill on it and I had 2 pills left.  I took the two pills and then realized no refills....ouch...I hurt and I can tell you I hope it is all worth it in the end.  Qatar and I both have a nasty cold currently---school related I am sure.

A teacher last week heard I was getting this done and came up pulling her lower lip down to show me how well hers healed and I was impressed if not a little taken back.  I am not worried about a scar as no one will see it....I just want to keep my teeth.

On to other news.   Qatat is going on the choir trip this year to New Orlenes and I really want to chaperone, but they already are full...darn it.  I had so much fun on Gunnars choir trip a few years back.

Zeke and Cenny are improving their cross country times and enjoying the coaches and other runners.

My classes have started and I am crazy for taking so many classes this semester.  6 classes 2 are praticums, but I have to do 95 hours for them....I am going to lose my 4.0 this year.  I have done 35 hours  so far and will sub for one of my host teachers on Tuesday so I can count those hours also.  20 of those hours are done in Rochester at night at the ALC, I will still need to do 45 at the High School when I get a chance before I student teach next fall.

JT news- He bought a small speaker for his ipod and plays music at school during break.  He plays JB since the girls love him...some of his friends called him gay to play JB and JT laughed as he had each arm around a girl...he tossed back..."really ?  I have the girls if that is gay then I am all in."  He loves girls and is even writing one a song.  Now if we could get him to shower more than 2 times a week.  He is still a bit on the small size...doesn't seem to affect the girls.  One asked his name and he told her and she said she would call him hot...he is 11 what is hot about that?   I will have to watch that boy....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gum surgery

The white is the donor tissue that is sutured to the gums and eventually should turn pink when the blood flow is good and the graph completely takes.  Crossing my fingers for that to happen...sometimes it doesn't take.

So I have two teeth with receding gums in the very front of my lower teeth.  You can't see it when I smile I just noticed it recently, mentioned it to the dentist and was sent to the periodontist for a consult on gum tissue graphing.  He told me that the reason it had receded so fast was due to a frenum that was attached  from my lip to my gums and that it was acting like a zipper pulling my gums down.  Zeke was tongue tied by another frenum...I guess we have 6 or 8 of these in our mouths.

So gum surgery with donor tissue to cover the gum and a mixture of proteins to help restore the bone loss was done last Wednesday.  Mom picked me up since I was high as a kite from the pain killers and relaxation drugs they gave me.  This Friday I go back for a frenectomy to remove the zipper effect.  At that point the pain should be gone, I can exercise again, just to have to put everything (including eating anything harder than eggs) back to the way it is now and recover again.

My mouth hurts, my teeth hurt, I am grumpy from all the medication I am on and I feel like I have a pharmacy in my kitchen every three hours when I take 4 or more pills.   My tummy is now acting up from all the medication also...yeah!!!!  But life goes on and I have school and service hours to complete and a swollen chin and I can't smile.

All this for the low cost of only $2700.  I do not know how much my insurance will cover we each have 2500 a year and the insurance will pay 80% up to 2500 so I should get a chunk back...they only accept cash prepay at the they always get paid....I have only seen the dentist this year for a regular there is money still in my account.

Check with your dentist about a frenenctomy before you have to have the gum graphing done also.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Day of School - 2013-2014

 8th grade
 6th Grade

 9th grade
Finding lost things in the truck before school.
Senior year at last.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August I am not sad to see you go!!

This month has been a roller coaster of things to do and Dr.  appt.  I am not sad to say good bye to August 2013....hopefully next year will be an August to celebrate.  Gunnar and David became one year older this month and the weather was beautiful the first 3 weeks and then boom humility struck and the A/C went on for ever it feels.  The weather is suppose to clear is  crossing my fingers.
I still have my guns appt this week and hopefully we will not be seeing a Dr or Dentist for a few months at least.  Everyone had check-ups and OK's for school to start.  Zeke was diagnosed with mild asthma and JT is not asthmatic...yeah!  I will keep the lump in my breast it is small and I fear if it is gone I will need to go down a bra to keep what I got.,,which isn't much.

Happy September and I hope this is a great month for everyone!