Sunday, September 1, 2013

August I am not sad to see you go!!

This month has been a roller coaster of things to do and Dr.  appt.  I am not sad to say good bye to August 2013....hopefully next year will be an August to celebrate.  Gunnar and David became one year older this month and the weather was beautiful the first 3 weeks and then boom humility struck and the A/C went on for ever it feels.  The weather is suppose to clear is  crossing my fingers.
I still have my guns appt this week and hopefully we will not be seeing a Dr or Dentist for a few months at least.  Everyone had check-ups and OK's for school to start.  Zeke was diagnosed with mild asthma and JT is not asthmatic...yeah!  I will keep the lump in my breast it is small and I fear if it is gone I will need to go down a bra to keep what I got.,,which isn't much.

Happy September and I hope this is a great month for everyone!
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