Saturday, May 25, 2013

A note I received....


     Thank you for subbing at Ellis.  You have done an outstanding job in a variety of classrooms.  I greatly appreciate your stays in Mrs. N....class.  You brought stability to this group of students. the Principal...

I love feeling appreciate...warm fuzzy feelings....

less than two weeks left...actually 7 days of school left and one I get to spend at Eagle Bluff.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can you say exhausted....snore....what oh yeah I am so tired....snore

Well working full-time and going to school full-time and having a family is killing me...and not slowly!  Everyone still wants the same amount of attention they received before I added a mound of things to my life......people we are just taking a short break...2 years ...we all agreed to handle it...remember?  They don't!  Concert many more?
I am looking forward to being done from the end of June until September with school.  I will miss the kids I am working with...of course one hour today the big guns needed to come in and help me out so maybe not that group as much.  Such is life.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I have to say.....

I have to say this and so don't laugh.

I am absolutely in love with my job!!!

Too bad its not mine for much longer, that makes me sad
but I am going to school so I can do this full-time in the future.
We shall see how that goes, this semester is really difficult with 3 classes and hardly any time to study, but I will make it through.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Candy Dealer

At school I am the Crazy Candy teacher, at least that is what one kid called me.  Well, I give out tickets for doing things like bringing a pencil, agenda, calculator, and other needed things for class.  I tell the kids not in my classroom classes, but in my team taught classes to come after school to redeem them for candy.  Some days I have a line or the door just keeps opening and kids keep coming.  I turned to my para and laughed at the end of the visits the other day.  "I feel like a dealer of tooth decay."  I have to tell you, my students are remembering their pencil and agendas now....its working and it costs so little.  They are happy with jolly ranchers and tootsie rolls.  If they save up their tickets I will trade them for a Mt Dew on Fridays...that will cost you 30 tickets and the most I have given out at the end of the week is students are not big on saving up yet.

Friday, May 10, 2013

School sillies and perfect moments in really don't get many perfect moments.

Well today we were talking about fears and how when we get hurt  it's hard to get back up and try again.  We watched a clip from the movie Blue Crush about a surfer who got injured and then was too scared to get back to surfing.  Well lots of bikinis and girls are in this movie, so the boys in the class were commenting about that. 

 As the discussion went on a student asked, "What would you do if you were being chased?  Another student, still stuck in the last discussion added, "Yea by a bunch of naked girls?"  One of my other boys who can't sit still to save his life was walking around, like usual, during the discussion and suddenly he stopped and said, "Well I would just stop if a bunch of naked girls were chasing me." 

The way he said it and the look on his face...BOOM! Well, 
 I lost it and couldn't stop laughing, I even had tears running down my face.  He never is still but when he made the above comment he just stopped dead and stood there and then he just stood watching me.  Everyone started laughing at me at that point and he looked at them and then at me and just burst out laughing with the rest of us.  It was a perfect moment.  You don't get many of those in life.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My kids think I am a super hero....

I guess I can fix the unfixable-Qatar called me and wanted to know how his suit got bigger and what I was going to do to fix it?  Fix a suit that is the same size it was, he was just very nervous...He relaxed and things were fine and he looked great for Prom.

Cenny thinks I can do things I really can't, I think I have them all fooled by my amazingness.  I can fix things most of the time and sew on buttons if needed.  I guess I can do quite a bit of things-some may even be called incredible so I guess I am pretty incredible at times.

JT is sure I can fix the issues with his teachers, but I usually talk him around to realizing that he is in the wrong and not the teacher, of course I did save math for him by talking to the teacher and the GT teacher and he gets extra instructions if he passes the pre-test and doesn't have to take the unit with the rest of the class...pretty amazing I guess.

Of course there are the times, more often then not, that they think I am an idiot barely able to feed myself- so this all evens out in the end I guess.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Qatar and Lydia going to prom

 The flowers were beautiful, but you cant see them here since they are still in the box in the frig.
After prom Qatar and Lydia came back here and had breakfast that Qatar made on a blanket in the living room.  Qatar had put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and we had a lamp set on them so when they got back here the ceiling glowed.  They then watched The Life of Pi good movie, but very long.  Late night and naps today after church for me and him.