Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My kids think I am a super hero....

I guess I can fix the unfixable-Qatar called me and wanted to know how his suit got bigger and what I was going to do to fix it?  Fix a suit that is the same size it was, he was just very nervous...He relaxed and things were fine and he looked great for Prom.

Cenny thinks I can do things I really can't, I think I have them all fooled by my amazingness.  I can fix things most of the time and sew on buttons if needed.  I guess I can do quite a bit of things-some may even be called incredible so I guess I am pretty incredible at times.

JT is sure I can fix the issues with his teachers, but I usually talk him around to realizing that he is in the wrong and not the teacher, of course I did save math for him by talking to the teacher and the GT teacher and he gets extra instructions if he passes the pre-test and doesn't have to take the unit with the rest of the class...pretty amazing I guess.

Of course there are the times, more often then not, that they think I am an idiot barely able to feed myself- so this all evens out in the end I guess.
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