Saturday, May 11, 2013

Candy Dealer

At school I am the Crazy Candy teacher, at least that is what one kid called me.  Well, I give out tickets for doing things like bringing a pencil, agenda, calculator, and other needed things for class.  I tell the kids not in my classroom classes, but in my team taught classes to come after school to redeem them for candy.  Some days I have a line or the door just keeps opening and kids keep coming.  I turned to my para and laughed at the end of the visits the other day.  "I feel like a dealer of tooth decay."  I have to tell you, my students are remembering their pencil and agendas now....its working and it costs so little.  They are happy with jolly ranchers and tootsie rolls.  If they save up their tickets I will trade them for a Mt Dew on Fridays...that will cost you 30 tickets and the most I have given out at the end of the week is students are not big on saving up yet.
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