Saturday, June 15, 2013

One year down

I finished all of my assignments and have turned them all in (great part about the internet and Moodle.)  I still have two classes, but those will be a breeze since I am done with the work part of class.  I like to be ahead so if something happens I have a cushion.  I have finished 10 classes and have about 10 to go.  Next year I am taking more than this year....I want to be done!!!!  So less work and more school in the future.

I have a grade in one of the classes and it is an A...I have A's in all of my classes so far.  I really do work my butt off in house is a now that I am done with assignments I can get to cleaning my last!!!!

A friend told me she is glad my house is a mess or she would be sure I was perfect....hahahahahaha that really is a LOL comment!
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