Monday, June 17, 2013

Low on Kids this week

Zeke is gone to band camp in Wisconsin and Qatar is in AZ for the summer.  Cenny and JT are all I have this week.  Dinners will be smaller and maybe I can get something done this week in the house.  Of course I have class tonight and next Monday.Zeke texted that he is in the top band this year.  This camp takes 6th through 12th graders so being in the top band at the end of 8th grade was not expected.  Also he scored top on his theory test...he is a music genius at times. He is also in the Jazz band this week and playing piano for one of the band pieces.  He loves playing the piano and always comments that it is his first instrument and he only plays drums because piano is not a band instrument.

Have a great summer.
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