Sunday, December 2, 2012

MTLE Basic Tests.....

I took the MTLE basic  tests yesterday and it was 4 hours of grueling mind numbing enjoyment.  I didn't study anything because the study guides costs over 20 dollars, of course the test cost over 100 so maybe not the best idea on my part.  
At the testing center they take your palm print on both hands, they take your photo and scan your ID.  Every time you leave the test they take your palm print on exit and on entrance again and check your ID.  At the end they take your palm print and check your ID again before you leave and then they hand you your results.  I was hungry when I got done and shaky all over from that and the adrenaline pumping now that I was done.  I was surprised how calm I was during the test.  Prayer really does help with that.
I passed the math and reading portions of the test.  The writing test results don't come out until the middle of January.  I was surprised I passed after how many times I actually just guessed because I was running out of time.  I took all three tests up to the last few seconds.  I guessed in the last math question at the 3 second point.  
Wow this going back to school thing is much harder than I thought.  In my math class I just received my grade for the last 2 tests....100% on both.  Studying for 12 hours a week does pay off, on the weeks I was working my grades were much lower.

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