Friday, July 11, 2014

School is done -

schools out
Schools out for the summer!!!!  At last for me too!!!  I finished up with a 4.0 again and now 64 credits - 25 of those as Master's semester credits so that is 37.5 quarter credits so I can be employed at BA plus 30 to begin with until I start the end of my Master's Degree - 3-4 more classes - about a year - I will get a job first and then finish up.

I student teach in the fall at Ellis in the 8th grade and BOOM - after the 12 weeks I will apply for my license- I have passed the 7 exams and only the TPA stands in my way - I am not worried I had a teacher have us do a mini- TPA for a grade and it was not that hard.

I liked my last class but driving to the cities every week was not fun.  Megan drove with me, David also and a few times alone - I hated those drives alone because at 10 PM I was barely away from Minneapolis and yawning up a storm already.  Working the next day was always a treat as I yawned and stuck my eye lids up with my fingers.

If someone told me all the things that would happen in the last 2 years I never would have gone back to school- so I am glad I didn't have a clue. 

I love teaching and especially sped - I am passionate about it and so pleased to have this chance to do what I love, I only wished I had figured this out year ago.  

Kudos to David and the kids for putting up with me and my crazy schedule the last 2 years - they have all been troopers.  

 I have almost made it!!!!!!  I am excited to get a full-time teaching job in special education, hopefully sooner than later- kind of broke currently.
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