Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling Appreciated is Wonderful!!!

I just finished a long-term sub job at the middle school in an EBD room....some days were much better than others.  I had adopted a positive attitude and I kept reminding myself of that even when I was told, "I'm going to dig your eyes out."   Really I wonder how that would work?  But I made it and the last day the women I worked with in the room gave me flowers.  Never has that happened before....it was so sweet and it made my year.  They told me I had been great to work with and I had handled the students well.  Of course with out all of them I would have been lost and a mess.

I think the positive attitude helped and one day between hours I was dancing and singing just under my breath and one of the women asked if I had headphones on, nope I am just channeling positive attitude with music in my head.  Whatever it took to stay happy and I also took lots of deep breaths that calmed my Vegas nerve or my Las Vegas Nerve like the students remembered it as.   

Usually when a few week job is done it is very anticlimactic and you just say bye and leave at the end of the day...instead they all came in at the end and gave me the flowers saying they would miss me.....I am so lucky to have worked with women like that...they were wonderful and with the flu going around I got to experience what it was like without each of them....not fun.  

 All I could say was WOW to this experience and I hope to learn how to be as appreciative of others as they were to me...what a great example they have been.

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