Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stress relief measures

So the therapist asked me how I've dealt with stress in the past and I had to admit that I'm a stress eater.  She laughed at me for that, so I explained that I never buy the food that I main line during stressful events.  Cap N Crunch is my drug, not of choice it just is.  I can devour a box at anytime of day no matter what is going on and I eat it dry- if I could use milk I would be doomed.  I gained about 10 pounds the last time I allowed myself to buy this stuff and stressed entered the picture at the same time.  I lost it later that summer and now stay away from this box all I can.  I'm an addict of Cap N Crunch I need an intervention if I ever buy this stuff again.

What is your weakness?  Food related, I bet you thought it was chocolate.
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