Thursday, April 16, 2009


It was wonderful seeing everyone and staying up way way way too late talking and laughing. I am exhausted and feel my brain may explode without more sleep. I will miss Grandpa, but hearing all the memories and laughing though the tears was wonderful.

Thank you to everyone in California for putting everything together and feeding us all so many times. The Easter egg hunt was wonderful and I loved seeing all the kids and even their parents. I wish we could get together more often its amazing how everyone is suddenly not as busy as they think they are when there is a funeral for someone we love and miss. Thanks Kendal for the hugs and Ryan for being so cute. Tyler and Kendel for the tickling and the delicious chocolate cake. I wish I had called ahead for warmer weather.

Getting home at 2am was not my best memory, but I have so many more. Randy's Bella impression and Batman. Jakey's hair and Lily's beautiful face. Heidi and Roxy both of them talking and talking, Kristi for not wearing the same oufit(thanks for checking), Dying eggs and See's candy. Visiting with a good friend of mine, Steven's spread page, Paige and her stomach, and waking up at 4 am most days. Lots of pictures and memories to share. I will miss everyone more now, darn it.

Thanks Dad and Mom for everything.
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